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About this site

Konata IzumiHi all!

You are on the site for the sale and purchase of various anime items. A kind of fair, a message board, a place where you can put up for sale anime items that you do not need.

Initially, the site was created for fans of anime figurines, but if you have various magazines, stickers, DVDs, manga, key chains, cosplay clothes, or something like that, you are welcome. Places are enough for all.

The placement of goods is shareware. Ten items you can place for free, and then as usual, money, money. But small. :-) ( see. Payment services ).

How it works:

  • You place an item. Assign a price. If the price is zero, then the price is negotiable.
  • The buyer clicks "buy" on the product page, and the some robot-girl sends the order to the owner of the item, with the buyer's email.
  • The owner of the item receives an order from the site, and agrees with the buyer himself. Yes, yes, we do not take commissions, that's our policy. :-)
  • If the buyer has questions to the seller, the product page contains a form for a questions.
  • Remember that the price is not dogma, bargaining is always appropriate, unless, of course, the owner of the item has indicated the opposite.
  • After selling the item - write the buyer a thank you in his guest book. After buying an item, please also write thank to the seller.
  • If you like this service - you can click on some ad.

The site is made by one person, in his spare time, so he is constantly being modified and corrected. (Special thanks to Shade, without his help, it would be quite sad here). If something has fallen, do not be frightened, then now raise, and do not hesitate, write to the administrator, or in the guest book, to him. Or to online chat below.

In general use, it's all just for you.

Glory to the cat goddess! :-)