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Frequently asked questions

Konata IzumiHi All!

A selection of questions and answers on topical topics:


Q: 10 figurines for sale a little ... And if I make 10 guest accounts ?!

A: Yes, even a million. If you are not too lazy to earn rating for 10 accounts, answer users with 10 mail addresses and reply to 10 guest books with ratings. :-)


Q: I have technical problems with the payment. Where to write or call?

A: To admin. To contact form on his page, with the date-time-the amount of payment. We have all the moves recorded, and no one will leave offended.


Q: Too few categories, types and manufacturers of figurines / items.

A: Yes. We will add as the items are placed.


Q: You have an error on the page, or the script does not work correctly.

A: Write to the same admin, with a description and a link to the page where the crash occurs. The site is constantly being updated, problems are not ruled out.


Q: I want to add more pictures of the subject, I'm selling the set!

A: The technical limit on the number of pictures is 4. But: In the description, using html, you can place links to pictures from any other place on the Internet. For example, from a free image hosting.


Have fun. :-)